Illustrated Medicine: Case Study

T-bone impact causes knee fracture – Case settles close to $1,750,000.00

When Ms. Smith was T-boned by the defendant running a red light, her right knee violently impacted the console, causing a depressed lateral tibial plateau fracture.

Purpose of illustration
This trauma panel was created to demonstrate the details of her significant intra-articular fracture.

Rationale for litigation visual
This exhibit visually ‘translated’ the confusing CT scans and medical reports into a crystal-clear illustration of her injury pathology, allowing all litigation participants to fully understand the extent of the damage.

Ms. Smith required reconstructive surgery, including elevation and reduction of the displaced bone fragments and bone grafting. Her knee was predicted to deteriorate with post-traumatic osteoarthritis and require pain management.

Other visuals demonstrated
Additional exhibits showed the surgery and complication issues, as well depictions of her concomitant brain injury which resulted in post-concussion symptoms and visual challenges.

The case settled before trial, close to $1,750,000.00.

“The medical illustrations Artery Studios creates are always very helpful in formal settlement meetings, be it a mediation or a pretrial conference.The illustrations explain the injury to defense, and show details of any surgery and the long term consequences of the injury. Defense counsel and the adjuster realize how impactful the illustrations will be if the case proceeds to trial and the effect they can have on damages awards. Artery’s illustrations help impress my opponent with the seriousness of the case and assist me with resolution of it.”  – John McLeish, McLeish Orlando