The Artery Advantage: Innovative solutions.Expertly crafted. Highly defensible.

The Artery Advantage: Innovative solutions.Expertly crafted. Highly defensible.

The Artery Advantage: Innovative solutions. Expertly crafted. Highly defensible.

When you choose Artery Studios for your trial exhibits, you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

Innovative Solutions

Each case is unique and requires a customized visual solution. Innovating and implementing these solutions is where we excel.

Artery Studios remains at the forefront of medical-legal visualization and continues to propel the industry forward. We’ve been the first to introduce new visual types and adopt the latest technologies. We think outside the box and find creative approaches to communicate the most complex concepts with clarity.

Whether your case is best supported by illustrationanimationinteractive media or a 3D printed model, you can be assured that we’ve arrived at our recommended solution after a thorough analysis of the case medical reports, your budget, and full consideration of the communication challenges.

If your case would benefit from a type of visual that doesn’t already exist, we’ll create it for you – that’s innovation.


Expertly Crafted

Creating highly accurate and effective visuals requires a deep understanding of science, medicine and anatomy along with rigorous training in the visual arts and technical expertise.

Every one of our illustrators and animators has met these requirements with excellence and holds a master’s degree in biomedical visualization. In addition, all of our artists hold professional memberships with the Association of Medical Illustrators, with several having achieved the peer-judged designation of Certified Medical Illustrator.

The result is a highly-respected and trusted medical-legal studio that consistently delivers award-winning visual communication tools.


Highly Defensible

The visuals we create have to stand up to the scrutiny of the justice system. That’s why our quality standards are so high. We can back up every aspect of each visual we create with medical fact – including references to radiological films, medical reports, and the opinions of your medical experts. For over 20 years, our proven Artery Triple-Check Process has ensured the demonstrative evidence we create is accurate, admissible and defensible on the stand.