Brain Injury Exhibits

Artery Studios offers a wide variety of custom and pre-packaged solutions for all types of brain injury cases – from mTBI to significant neuropathology. Our Brain Injury Exhibits help you translate complex medical concepts into readily understandable visuals that litigation participants can rely upon to make informed decisions.



Artery Studios offers numerous types of illustrations to support your brain injury case, including portraying:

Brain Anatomy 101


 Brain Anatomy Illustration - Request a Quote

Stock illustrations are available for purchase that depict the gross to microscopic anatomy of the brain, allowing for a solid foundational understanding of anatomy to be established.

Mechanism of Injury

Mechanism of Impact Injury to Brain Mechanism of Impact Injury to Brain - Motor Vehicle Accident

 MOI Illustration #1 - Request a Quote

 MOI Illustration #2 - Request a Quote

Mechanism of injury illustrations help connect the brain injury (and other trauma) directly to the accident or malpractice occurrence. These custom illustrations are based upon your bio-mechanical engineering expert opinions and other key reports in the case brief.

Brain Injury Mechanics

contrecoup_web coup_web

 Contrecoup Illustration - Request a Quote

 Coup-Contrecoup Illustration - Request a Quote

Stock illustrations are available for purchase to depict the “invisible” or microscopic injuries that occur with traumatic brain injuries. These illustrations may be customized to conform to the precise phrasing used by your medical experts.

MRI and CT scan Interpretation

radiolevid_web brainpatho_web

 MRI Illustration #1 - Request a Quote to Customize

 MRI Illustration #2 - Request a Quote to Customize

Custom illustrations are derived directly from your client’s radiological films, to show the precise nature of the brain injury pathology by translating hard-to-understand scans into overview illustrations that track the pathology throughout the brain, and visually-translated ‘slice’ images that depict the sometimes indiscernible details contained in the scans.

Other Custom Illustrations

overview_web scope_web

 Injury Overview Illustration - Request a Quote to Customize

 Scope of Injury Illustration - Request a Quote

Our team of medical illustrators is able to translate any medical report or concept into an easy-to-understand illustration. Other depictions include portraying related head and face trauma; surgical procedures; complications such as sensory defects, pain, cognitive defects and other problems; along with possible future medical interventions and outcomes opined by your experts. Contact us for a case analysis and custom proposal.



Step-by-Step Surgical Depictions


 Craniectomy SBS - Request a Quote

Available as stock, semi-customized, or fully customized visuals, these presentations guide the viewer, one-step-at-a-time, through complex surgical procedures or other time-based occurrences, such as a craniotomy, epidural decompression or ventricular shunt insertion.

Interactive Fetal Monitor Strips


 Fetal Monitor Strip - Request a Quote to Customize

For birth trauma cases, our Interactive Fetal Monitor Strips are a powerful tool to walk through the events captured on the tracings that led to hypoxia-ischemia, or other obstetric malpractice issues. Artery’s iFMS presentations include snap points to enlarged annotated notations that were made by healthcare staff, critical events flagged along the timeline, and the ability to highlight and mark-up details on the fly.

CT/MRI Slide Selectors


 CT/MRI Slide Selector - Request a Quote to Customize

Slide selectors provide an organized means to show the location of brain pathology along with the corresponding CT/MRI or other scans. Particularly helpful in cases where multiple imaging studies need to be presented.

Interactive 3D Brain Models

interactive3DBrain interactive3DBrain2

 Interactive Brain Model - Request a Quote to Customize

Using an intuitive interface, Interactive 3D Brain Models allow the attorney or medical expert to spin this visual depiction to appreciate brain injuries from all angles. Included is the ability to control transparencies to show underlying issues deeper in the brain, turn on or off labels and to view or hide associated structures.

Transitional Image Slider


 Transitional Image Slider- Request a Quote to Customize

A useful tool for tracking the progression of a brain injury over time, Transitional Image Sliders allow for easy comparisons from one view to another. These consist of images that are perfectly aligned in registration, allowing for direct comparison and contrast.



Diffuse Axonal Injury Animation – COMING SOON

A 5-minute, fully narrated animation that walks your audience through the key concepts of DAI and mTBI issues.

Mechanism of Brain Injury

impactanimation1 impactanimation2

 MOI Animation - Request a Quote to Customize

This semi-customized animation demonstrates the multistage impacts of the skull and brain at the time of injury to show how the brain sustains trauma that is either invisible (detected functionally) or on imaging (as seen in MRI, CT, SPECT studies, etc.).

Epidural Hematoma Formation

hematoma_anim2 hematoma_anim

 Epidural Hematoma Animation - Request a Quote to Customize

This movie demonstrates how an epidural hematoma forms, causing local effacement and then progressing to larger midline shift. Based upon the imaging, this is a dramatic way to demonstrate how this significant pathology progresses to its endstage.


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