Artery Studios receives double honor at AMI Annual Conference

AMI Animation Award AMI Illustration AwardWe are thrilled to have received not one, but two awards for our medical visuals from the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) at its annual exhibition. The exhibition – held in conjunction with the 2014 Annual Conference hosted this year at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN  – showcases visual communications prepared by AMI members from around the globe.

“When evaluating entries, judges … consider the intended purpose, degree of problem solving, concept, accuracy of medical or scientific content, creativity, medium/software used, technical execution, clarity, and appropriateness to the audience” (from the AMI website).

It’s an honor to have been judged and selected as deserving of “special recognition of achievement” within the AMI’s medical-legal category for an illustration showing injury complications and an animation depicting the mechanism of knee trauma. We are very proud of these achievements and will continue to push the quality of our work even higher, to best assist our legal clients and the parties they represent.

Electrical implant to grant new freedom to people with spinal cord injury

In our line of work, we see many tragic cases of accident victims suffering from spinal cord injury. Not only do these individuals suffer a permanent reduction in their mobility, they also have issues relating to bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction, among other complications.

Researchers at the Kentucky Spinal Cord Research Center at the University of Louisville have been working on ways to electrically stimulate the spinal cord. In their newly published paper they report that four individuals with complete injuries to the spinal cord have been able to engage in previously impossible voluntary movements using this epidural stimulation.

While far from a ‘cure’ for paralysis, it offers promise for improved quality of life for those suffering from spinal cord injury in the future.


Demonstrative evidence for tablets

iPad with interactive mapWe’ve been hearing a lot lately about clients wanting to use their iPads in the courtroom (if you’re thinking about making the leap – read about some pros and cons from the American Bar Association).

Our illustrations (provided in JPG format), and our animations (in .mov format), have always been iPad compatible, however our interactive media (such as digital fetal monitor strips, morphing illustrations, and other electronic visuals) were not, due to software restrictions.

We’ve recently partnered with Innovasium Digital to create tablet-friendly interactive visuals. This expands our ability to provide trial-ready demonstrative evidence to present such things as voluminous amounts of data, complex layered visuals, non-linear evidence, or interactive maps – all controlled from an iPad.

We’re pleased to keep pace with ever-changing technological advances (also check out our work with 3D Printing) and responding to the needs of our clients. If you have things on your wish-list for types of visuals, new technologies, or any other ideas you’d like to see us create, we’d love to hear from you!

Stephen Mader at OTLA

Stephen Mader delivered presentations at this Fall’s OTLA Conference. As a recognized expert in the field of medical-legal illustration, Stephen was invited to speak on the topic of Demonstrative Evidence: Innovative Approaches for Impactful Persuasion. He kicked off the conference proceedings, delivering talks at both the lawyers’ and clerks’ programs. A visual summary of the paper found here.

Congratulations and thanks to the conference chairs, Tim Boland, James Vigmond, Jennifer Bezaire, and John Michael Bray for putting together a wonderful roster of presentations. We were pleased to provide a key piece of demonstrative evidence used during a mock trial, showing the concepts of Rhizolysis surgery.

Introducing the new

Artery websiteI’m proud to announce the launch of our new website, with this being our inaugural post.

Our new site provides a much richer user-experience, including more comprehensive medical-legal illustration, animation and model portfolios, and an interactive media portfolio that allows you to test out some of the innovative presentation modes we’ve developed over the years.

We’ll post information about our studio, events, unique cases, and other useful information here on the Gray Matter blog. We have an articles section on the site, that includes valuable information for PI litigators seeking to maximize the impact of medical-legal visuals on files, and a Frequently Asked Questions section which will be especially useful to those new to using medical illustrations.

I invite you to explore the site for useful information on how our impactful visuals can assist in the presentation of complex medical and technical issues, and encourage you to drop by periodically as it becomes your go-to resource for developments in the field of demonstrative evidence.