As a personal injury lawyer who believes wholeheartedly in the power of demonstrative evidence, it is imperative to have the best possible illustration of my client’s injuries. That’s why I turn to Artery Studios in every case. The Artery Studios team is painstakingly accurate, creative and reliable. Artery illustrations help me get the best possible settlements and fairest results at trial. Artery Studios is an indispensable part of my team!
- Roger G. Oatley

Artery Studios is simply the best medical illustration company out there. I would never even consider using anyone else.
- John McLeish

I could not imagine going to trial without having something from Artery Studios in my litigation bag. Regardless the size of the case, their work will prove invaluable. Not only is the Artery Studios team knowledgeable about anatomy and technology, they’re approachable and can recommend any number of demonstrative aids for use at trial. The Artery team is innovative and motivated to help you present your case. With their guidance and expertise, you’ll feel comfortable in presenting the evidence through the aids the studio will create. Stephen is the recognized leader in his field and brings real value to every file. He may be the most important expert you retain.
- James L. Vigmond

Unlike most illustrators, Artery Studios goes way beyond a simple graphic of the injury. They think outside the box and find persuasive new ways to communicate not only the injury itself, but also the effects of the injury on the person’s activities of daily living. Judges invariably commend the quality and accuracy of Artery’s work.
- George Bonn

I have relied on Artery Studios to prepare medical art, videos and charts for over 15 years. I have tried cheaper, quicker artists, and off-the-rack medical art, to my detriment: inaccuracies led to inadmissibility at trial, and dismissiveness at mediation. With Artery’s work, admissibility is assured due to meticulous attention to detail.
- Barbara Legate

I am extremely thankful for your creative and timely help. You quickly grasped and understood the clinical significance of our case. The illustrations you produced were clear and accurate anatomical illustrations. Several neurosurgeons and neuro-radiologists testified at the trial as to their accuracy and the Court accepted them into evidence. We could not have succeeded without your help.
- Tom Connolly

The visuals were excellent! They were instrumental in inducing a settlement from the defense. Your hard work on such short notice was very much appreciated!
- Norma Mayer, Ross/Warren

You’ve done your usual spectacular job! Thanks very much.
- Greg Monforton

I was extremely pleased with the quality and accuracy of your work. The animation was instrumental in getting the case resolved.
- Shirley Linton

I wanted to thank you very much for doing an excellent job. The illustrations are fantastic and will be a huge help.
- Jeremy Solomon

We would like to express our deep appreciation for your assistance with this case. Because of your help our client now has the means to go home. As you know he has lived at the Royal Victoria Hospital since his injury in April of 2002. His goal since the day we were retained was to be able to live independently in the community and to have control over his life … Thank you.
- Gayle T. Brock & Roger Oatley

Thank you for the wonderful diagrams. I think anyone looking at this case will have a much better understanding of the nature of this lady’s injuries.
- David Neill

On behalf of our client’s family and our office, we wanted to thank you for your kind co-operation throughout. Without your illustrations it is very unlikely that we would have been able to bring this tragic case to a successful conclusion.
- Edward M. Futerman, Q.C.