Demonstrative evidence for tablets

iPad with interactive mapWe’ve been hearing a lot lately about clients wanting to use their iPads in the courtroom (if you’re thinking about making the leap – read about some pros and cons from the American Bar Association).

Our illustrations (provided in JPG format), and our animations (in .mov format), have always been iPad compatible, however our interactive media (such as digital fetal monitor strips, morphing illustrations, and other electronic visuals) were not, due to software restrictions.

We’ve recently partnered with Innovasium Digital to create tablet-friendly interactive visuals. This expands our ability to provide trial-ready demonstrative evidence to present such things as voluminous amounts of data, complex layered visuals, non-linear evidence, or interactive maps – all controlled from an iPad.

We’re pleased to keep pace with ever-changing technological advances (also check out our work with 3D Printing) and responding to the needs of our clients. If you have things on your wish-list for types of visuals, new technologies, or any other ideas you’d like to see us create, we’d love to hear from you!